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Atlas Templates

Atlas Templates for AX 2009, 2012 R1-3 and AX7 are developed and tested with Microsoft's default Contoso Manufacturing USA. A virtual machine with company USMF.

The templates must be modified and configured for your AX system.  They are supplied free as a guide.

Testing the results thoroughly before a Live implementation is essential.

  Headings2.jpg               Headings.jpg

  Atlas_Uploading_AX_2009               Atlas_Reporting_AX2009

  Atlas_Uploading_AX2012_R1               Atlas_Reporting_AX2012_R2

  Atlas_Uploading_AX2012_R2               Atlas_Reporting_AX2012_R3

  Atlas _Uploading_AX2012_R3               Atlas_AX7_Reporting

  Atlas_AX7_Uploading               Atlas_CRM_Reporting