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AX2012 Training Guide
Advanced Reporting

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AX2012 Introductory Reporting
AX2012 Advanced Reporting
AX2012 Advanced Upload
AX2009 Intro Reporting
AX2009 Intro Upload
AX2009 Advanced Reporting
AX2009 Advanced Upload

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Atlas 6 Demonstration


Atlas 6 Introduction Webinar 60:00
Atlas 6 Desktop Client - Webinar 34:15

Atlas 6 Administration


Setting up Atlas 6 for the first time

- Connect to the Management Server & activate license
- Set-up your first service
- Set-up user licensing, user groups & allocate licensed user to  group
- Login to Atlas

Adding a data source for SQL Analysis services 1:45

Atlas 6 Office (Reporting)


Removing a column from a table report 0:30
Adding a column to a table report 0:43
Building a simple list report 2:03
Building a simple summary report   1:25
Sort and column orders for a table report 1:00
Adjusting report filter 0:48
Creating and saving a default table list for a data source 1:15
Building a matrix report from a summary 1:11
Building a balance formula in excel 2:04

Atlas 6 Desktop (Reporting)


Atlas 6 Desktop Webinar 60.00
Managing your presentations with Atlas workspaces 3:06
A closer look at Atlas workspaces file structures 1:58
Atlas presentation types 3:16
Atlas presentation page types 4:44
Creating a new presentation and report 5:27
Creating a list report 3:51
Adding an additional data column to a report 1:12
Adding a data column to a report using Merge 2:53
Adding a calculation column to a report 1:33
Adding a drill down side bar to a report 1:51
Adding content to a dashboard page 3:43
Adding charts to presentation pages 3:01
Making dashboard pages contextual 1:18
Using Presentation Parameters 2:41
How to copy a page into another presentation 1:40
How to make a copy of a presentation 1:06
Promo -  Atlas Workspace 0:41
Promo - Creating interactice dashboards 0:27
Promo - Build fast with prebuild snippets 0:49
How to define the presentation thumbnail page 0:27
Managing presentation files with version control 3:05
Transforming numbers into visual using promo style inspector 0:27
Taking a closer look at sidebar drill down 6:39
Creating and reusing snippets 2:02
Reverting to a different presentation version 1:21



Before you can use Atlas with your enterprise software system, you must successfully complete the installation procedure. This involves the installation of both a server component and a client installation.This guide describes the steps needed to complete the installation procedure and describes how to configure your software subsequently. This document is intended to supplement the installation wizard used to do the installation itself. When completed successfully, appropriate services will be started, and you will be ready to login and use Atlas.

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Upgrade Scripts

Are you upgrading from Atlas 4 or Atlas 5 to Atlas 6.0? If so, we have released an Atlas Upgrade Script Tool. This tool allows you to upgrade your Atlas 4/5 reports to Atlas 6.0 within a few clicks! The tool is available from Atlas 6.0.4103 and onwards. It's so easy to use. Check out the 90 seconds video below....


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Live Online (Webinar) Training FREE

Real-time online learning sessions that are instructor led and scheduled for a specific date, time and topic. It is also known as "Free Demo of Atlas" page. There are 5 Webinar models. 


  • Introductory: Showing the ins and outs of Atlas 6. Mix and match data sources. How to do reporting and uploading. How to build you own dashboard reports. Outline of all Atlas 6 features.

  • Why Should I Upgrade: From an older Atlas version to Atlas 6. This module will help you understand how powerful Atlas 6 is in comparision to our older versions. How you our existing Atlas End-users can upgrade to Atlas 6. What the upgrade process involves and more.

  • Atlas for Finance: The webinars will cover from start to end of the finance tasks.

  • Atlas for Payables: The webinars will cover from start to end of the payables tasks.

  • Atlas for CRM: Do you use Microsoft Dynamics CRM? If so, this webinar is strongly recommended for you! Learn how Atlas can be used with Dynamics CRM, capture the best features, tips and tricks.



On-Site Training

Accelerate your skills and fast-track your learning with hands-on education. Our instructor-led classroom training is offered regionally across the globe, in virtual classrooms (through Go-to-meeting) or onsite at your organization. Our experts guide you through intensive sessions that helps you develop the skills necessary for you to fully maximize the value of your investment. 

This training is advantageous for new users, new partners, group training and new employees.