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Atlas for AX

Extract your data and Visualize them with Atlas 



Integration with Excel and the Office System

Atlas provides tools that make the interaction between your business systems easy and logical, to the extent that it becomes a natural part of your Office environment. 

Link your own data to Power BI and visualize your own dashboard!

Watch the video below to see how Atlas and Power BI are well working together:

Why should I use Atlas when I can connect to Power BI direct from my system? 

The report you see from Power BI is generally configured by someone else, for their needs with a specific use in mind. Therefore, you may not always have a report that is for your needs.
With Atlas, you can create and visualize your own report. 

Also, the Power BI Content packs do not cater for customised systems. When you connect PowerBI directly, you get ‘ALL’ of the data, which can be daunting and dangerous if you do not know what you’re doing.
Even if your system is customised, you will still need to build your reports from ALL of the tables and fields in your system.

When Atlas is used, the report itself is pushed into Power BI containing ONLY your relevant fields needed. There is little risk of mistake due to your only working with the tables/fields in that report.


Use the desktop app to build visualizations for your sidebar drill-downs.

Aggregated data often require explanation. Use the Desktop App to discover the underlying transactions and trends that support your reported figures. 

Atlas is ready for the cloud and AX Online 
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An entirely new way to present & host Atlas reports

Cross-System Data Merging


Self-service reporting - Do It Yourself


Plug and Play

Atlas 6 allows you to include data from multiple business systems or data sources into one report. This means you can include a list of customers from your Microsoft Dynamics accounting system & then mash these up with opportunities from your Dynamics CRM system.    Atlas allows you to be creative and to personalize how you see your business information whether be a simple list, a sophisticated financial report or a data conduit for Power BI. You are in control.   Install and go, you can be sure that your Atlas installation understands your customized business system. 

Right here, right now! On demand live data 


You have the power


Complement your Power BI experience

Atlas provides real time 2-way access to your business system. This means that the information you use is accurate and up-to-date whenever you need it to be.    When used with Microsoft Office, you can easily “Atlasize” your Office documents making them alive to data in your corporate systems. Suddenly, these documents become dynamics while maintaining the organizational familiarity they possess.    Atlas makes your Power BI experience streamlined. You have one toolset that controls what data you want to see and what data you are allowed to see. This means you can re-use existing report that bring together data from different systems into one Power BI dashboard. Learn it once, use it again in Power BI.